Your hosts

Your hosts at Blue Rock Vacations - John and Debbie Malthouse - are both seasoned sailors who first debarked on their journey from 

Ontario Canada in July 2007 aboard their 42-foot sailing ketch

Sweet Surrender, navigating the US Eastern seaboard and the Inter

Coastal Waterways. Bahamas and the Caribbean chain of Islands

Since then, as full time live-a-boards the two sailors - John a former

mechanical engineer and Debbie a horticulturalist and utility employee

- have cruised the Caribbean. They Returned occasionally to the US and

Canada to visit family and friends. Perhaps unknowingly, in their

travels John and Debbie have been searching for the ideal location to

drop anchor and settle down.

They found their ideal location on the island of Roan.

With its pristine beaches and safe harbours, Roan is protected on all sides by the world's second largest barrier reef. After 14 years together all of which were spent on or near water or aboard Sweet Surrender, John and Debbie tied the knot during a quiet ceremony with family and friends of the boating community of Stuart Florida. 

While in Florida and having more than completed a mandatory 720 days

of off-shore boating. John received his United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master License, graduating at the top of his class.

With a beautiful house and a gorgeous sailboat, John and Debbie have 

decided to open their doors to vacationers, fellow captains and crew

to share their little bit of paradise.